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Welcome to your new website!

Welcome to the EarthLink Resource Page. This site was designed to facilitate your needs as the new www.kennykopecky.com webmaster! Please take this time to review some of the links that we have provided for you found within the left toolbar.

Web Help

Note that there is much online help available for you or your developer. These links contain useful information for users of the World Wide Web, Web Design rescources, EarthLink Policies, as well as resources to advanced Web Authoring. Also note that EarthLink has a complete glossary of terms to help in answering some of the questions that you may have about the technical "jargon" of today's internet.

When you are done learning about the WEB, please visit the EarthLink Home Page at www.earthlink.net to get the most out of our service to you. When you get to the EarthLink Home Page, note that there are more useful links available to you. Please take time to see the section on "Creating Web Pages". This guide can show you more advanced website designing and programming.

Try EarthLink's Business Solutions!
Secure-Link Services

Earthlink Network is pleased to introduce our Secure Services SecureLink Server. Through our SecureLink Server, we offer to our Web customers some of the most powerful secure and encryption technologies available today. Our SecureLink Server utilizes the Netscape Commerce Server which employs the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol to ensure the integrity and privacy of all communications between the client browser and Web server. We also offer public key encryption services for those customers requiring secure encrypted e-mail and data storage services.

Real Media

Real Media for interactive and dynamic pages!

For our Multimedia enthusiasts, EarthLink Network offers RealMedia audio and video streaming. This enables you to send audio and video files from your site. There are no limits on how you can use streaming media. Some sites broadcast music, news, samples of CDs and videos, or even live demonstrations of their products. Streaming media makes your site more attractive, and reinforces your company's message. Please click on the Real Media icon above for pricing.

Free Buttons!

Use these free buttons to spice up your webpage and add personality with function to your site.

FrontPage Enable your site! EarthLinks Buttons! Add interactivity with Real Media!
To ease your publishing and rather than uploading the actual images to your site, you can simply referrence them in your HTML using the following HTML tag:

<IMG SRC="/eln-images/targetimage.jpg">

Don't forget to visit the "/eln-images" archive and select from the images we have made available to you!

- Happy Publishing!

Need Additional Help?

The EarthLink Site Search looks through all of the pages stored on EarthLink's web site for instances of the word you typed. The search is limited to the EarthLink web site, and does not look at any other sites on the Internet. Simply click the type box and enter a word (several may be used) and click the "Search" button.

Type in a word to search for help on below:

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